Cutting Room Floor


Surprise! Maria and I met up on Thursday while I was on holiday break in North Carolina. It was so great to see her. We got a ton of work done for Coffee and Charcoal, while still having lots of fun. It was so nice seeing each other again after my trip to New Jersey. We are SO productive when we work together in person. 

Here are some outtake shots from our day together.

Of course, we grabbed a cup of coffee. It was so nice to sit outside in the warm North Carolina sun and catch up.

This shop is one of my favorite places and I knew I had to take Lisa for our morning cup. At first I was bummed that inside it was packed, but it was so warm and we had the patio to ourselves. 

Nothing better than friends and caffeine!Here I am, drinking my usual. 

We ended up at one of my favorite spots for lunch, Willow's Bistro. Maria and I both got the fried green tomato BLT with goat cheese. (Minus the bacon on Maria's, of course)

I KNEW Lisa was going to want to eat at Willow's, so it was really funny when she suggested it. The food there is so fresh. That green tomato BLT was amazing. Even without the bacon. 

I enjoyed a couple of my favorite blackberry martinis on the patio.

Not gonna lie, I'm so pleased with how this photo came out! Another where I just grabbed the camera and magic happened. 

  After lunch, we headed downtown to do a photo shoot.

It was starting to get cold by now, and it was hilarious trying to look good even though I was freezing!

Special thanks to Maria's boyfriend, Evan, who took ALL of our amazing shots throughout the day.

Seriously, we have some amazing photos! Thanks Evan! 

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