Travel Goals 2017


As 2016 came to a close and I had nothing better to do, I decided to make a list of realistic resolutions that i could stick to in 2017. I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions, and the few times I’ve made them, they’ve been the generic “join a gym” “eat better” or “lose 15 pounds.” Throughout my life I’ve always been goal oriented, but with the help of my Passion Planner, I’ve been so much better at clearly defining goals and setting the steps to accomplish them. I’m now so much better at planning out achievable goals, that when it came to making my resolutions, I knew exactly what to set for myself to make this year an amazing one where I could actually complete these objectives.

I wanted to make this blog post all about one of my resolutions. It’s a pretty simple one, and in fact it’s just one word. It may sound vague and broad, but I know what it means to me and I have mini steps that will help this resolution come true. Alright I’ll get on with it. One of my 2017 resolutions that I want to share is: travel.

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2017 is going to be a crazy, exciting, and growing year for me. Evan is graduating, we’re moving in together, we’re possibly collaborating on some projects, looking for jobs, and possibly moving out of Winston. It’s a LOT going on, especially with the cool projects that I'm currently taking part in. Travel is expensive, I don’t care what any jetsetter tells me. The fact is that you need money to do it, and you need time to do it. Taking time off to travel means you’re not only spending money on traveling, but you’re also not making the money you usually make because of the fact that you’re taking time off. So, as you can see where I’m going with this, one of the steps to accomplishing my goal of travel is to save money.

I’m already saving money for life in general, so this step of saving money to me is more like just saving more money than usual, and on top of that just being more frugal in general. This is going to be the biggest and hardest step by far because of everything I just talked about in the last paragraph. Even if all I manage to do this year is to set money aside to travel in 2018, I will feel accomplished in my resolution of traveling.



So I bet you guys are wondering where I want to travel to in 2017. And if you weren’t then you are now! I’m lucky enough to get to travel a couple of times a year due to work and family. Just in 2016 I got to spend time in Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Florida, Potomac, New Jersey, and New York. In past years we’ve taken road trips all over the Mid-Atlantic, and I feel pretty acquainted with the South and the East Coast. I’ve lived in upstate New York, NYC, Miami, Atlanta, Winston-Salem, Charlottesville, and a little town on the central coast of California. What I’m trying to get at here is that I’ve explored a LOT of the United States—except one region known as the Pacific Northwest.

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Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

It’s always been a fantasy of mine to drop everything and move to California. I’ve also been known to job hunt and house hunt online to give myself a reason to move to Portland, Oregon. These are two highly unrealistic scenarios that live in my head, but being an optimist and a dreamer—who knows, maybe one day. Basically, my dream travel goal for 2017 would be a ten day trip where I get to explore Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. I’ve never even been to Canada before, but these three cities are calling my name! I want to explore them and their eccentricities so badly. I want to eat amazing food and see all the amazing scenery. To give ourselves enough time to save the money to do this trip, I think we’re aiming for late summer or fall. This would be perfect weather and atmosphere. I’m literally feeling so elated and dreamy just thinking about everything this trip could be!


I’ve also come up with two different travel plans in case we can’t make Portland/Seattle/Vancouver 2017 happen. One is a best case scenario: in the unlikely event that either Evan or myself were to win the lottery or get an out-of-this world job opportunity, I would want to take a three week road trip from San Diego to Vancouver. This is highly improbable, and maybe something to aim for in five years’ time, but how cool would that be?!

Worst case scenario would be to travel somewhere where we have family or friends so that we’d have a place to crash, or to go somewhere we could road trip to. My thoughts at the moment are Chicago, Vermont, Boston, Pittsburgh, or Philadelphia, but I’m open to any new city we haven’t explored. Preferably not in the South.

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I’m gonna wrap this up here. In summary, I want to travel, or have the money to travel in the future. Where to is still up in the air, but rest assured that there will most likely be a blog post summarizing this mysterious future trip.