Different Day, Different Tea


It is such an understatement to say that I love tea. I adore tea; I drink tea pretty much every day, multiple times a day. I know this blog has coffee in the title, and I promise I will show you all a coffee appreciation post soon, but I certainly can’t drink too much coffee. I enjoy the stuff, from its pleasing aroma to its amazing powers of keeping me awake and attentive, but too much coffee makes me a jittery insomniac. While I mostly drink caffeinated teas, they don’t tend to have this effect on me, which means I can enjoy multiple cups a day! In fact, I know exactly what kind of tea is best for different parts of the day, different weather, different tea-drinking-related activities, and so on, so I thought I would share my tea drinking expertise with you! Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

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First, we’re going to start with my most adored tea of all time, and that is English Breakfast. English Breakfast is my absolute favorite tea, the one I reach for most often, and the coziest, homiest, puts-you-in-an-instantly-good-mood tea out of them all.

Best way to drink: steaming hot, with a glug of unsweetened almond milk (and leave the tea bag in, for goodness sake.)

Best enjoyed during: the early hours of the day, while eating breakfast of course!

Best for: instant happiness and warmth!

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Yeah, you heard (read) right. Now, I don’t want to start any fights about whether English or Irish Breakfast tea is better—I love them both. Irish Breakfast is definitely stronger and has an ever-so-slightly different flavor to English Breakfast. I like to have this one decaf because I’m usually enjoying this tea when I don’t want the extra caffeine. Fun fact, a few months ago I accidentally bought a pack of decaf instead of regular, and I’ve never gone back!

Best way to drink: steaming hot, with a glug of unsweetened almond milk, leave the tea bag in, AND add a digestive biscuit or cookie to dunk! This is definitely a dessert tea for me, so feel free to add a little sugar too (although I don’t).

Best enjoyed during: the evening, right after dinner!

Best for: washing that food down and enjoying a little dessert!

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Oh man, where to begin? Lemon Ginger tea is one of my all time favorites. (I feel like I’m going to be saying that a lot.) This tea gives you such pep in your step. Think of a lemon ginger shot, but tea version. It’s zingy and spicy and delicious.

Best way to drink: warm and fast. It’s not that pleasant if it’s too hot or too cold.

Best enjoyed during: the morning, as a substitute to your morning caffeine. The zing of this tea will wake you right up on those days where you don’t necessarily want the caffeine. It’s also a great pick me up throughout the day, and great for when you’re sick! Basically always drink lemon ginger tea. Always.

Best for: everything and any ailment ever.

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First time I’m going to mention a brand, but Trader Joe’s has an amazing Well Rested Herbal Tea. It’s a blend of chamomile, lemongrass, spearmint, peppermint, and various berries and flowers. If you have trouble sleeping, or are craving that last cup of tea before bedtime, this is what you need. It totally zens you out and leaves you ready to drift into sleep.

Best way to drink: steaming hot in your favorite giant mug.

Best enjoyed during: bedtime, in bed ideally, or even during an evening bath!

Best for: relaxation.

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Green tea is such another great one. It’s caffeinated, yet light, it’s fruity and lovely on its own or with other goodies. It’s got so many nutritional benefits too! I honestly don’t even have a favorite type of green tea. I love the flowery ones, the leafy ones, the plain ones, the fruity ones; I’ll drink them all.

Best way to drink: iced! I’m a huge believer in iced green tea with a tiny bit of sweetener (honey, agave, or simple syrup).

Best enjoyed during: the summer, on hot sunny days. Iced green tea is just so refreshing.

Best for: cooling down or for loving your tummy! Green tea makes my gut happy.

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Mmmm, I’ve been having so much chai lately! Chai is a black tea that has lots of wintery spices, like cinnamon, ginger, pepper, and cloves. Although people tend to call it chai tea, the word chai literally translates to tea. So stop saying chai tea, because you’re just saying “tea tea.”

Best way to drink: as a chai latte! The flavors of chai pair perfectly with milk. Add a little creamer or milk (dairy or non-dairy) and watch the magic happen.

Best enjoyed during: any time of the year! Chai lattes definitely feel like a little treat for me, but I do enjoy them year round, albeit sparingly. Hot or iced, they’re delicious.

Best for: a little pick me up or a treat yo self moment!

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That is all I have for today! Although my love for tea goes beyond these couple that I mentioned, I wanted to start out with my staples. Give this post a little love and I’ll be sure to make another one of these with some more teas!

Happy drinking,