#PlannerAddict (pt. 2) - The Happy Planner and Instagram


Helloooooo again! It's time for another #planneraddict post! I am so excited for this weeks post because I finally get to talk about my current planner - The Happy Planner.

As usual, let's rewind a bit to see how I ended up with this beauty. If we remember back to last months planner post, I was happily using my passion planner for over a year. I had finished an entire classic black Passion Planner and I had started a brand new Paradise Blue Passion Planner. Well this past September I took a trip to Florida to visit my closet best friend, Emily. Emily had recently purchased a Happy Planner a few months prior and once I saw it in person, I was sold. Funny enough, I had actually purchased some of the Happy Planner Stickers for my Passion Planner layout a year before this, but they didn't fit and I ended up giving them away. Life comes full-circle sometimes.

After using my Passion Planner for a full year, I felt super confident in the skills it had taught me. Using the Passion Road Map to breakdown and layout my goals for a year had set in stone my habits. These daily habits of using my planner everyday really laid the groundwork. I now felt like I was ready to grow and explore other options.

Before I breakdown my Happy Planner, I want to talk about where all of my inspiration comes from. By far, one of the best things about using this planner for me, has been the social media community - mostly Instagram. If you, yourself, are a devote Instagrammer, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. If you take a moment to quickly type in #planneraddict into the Instagram search bar, you can see the millions of posts from planner people just like me.

The Instagram community includes #planneraddicts of every variety. Any kind of planner, journal, paper craft you can think of is tagged and waiting to inspire you.

Some of my absolute Instagrams to swoon over are:

Okay! Now that we have so pretty inspiration to motivate our creative juices... let's look into how I typically set up my Happy Planner.


Before I get started, I like to get out all of my supplies. Just as if you were baking a cake, it's so much easier to work when all your parts are laid out in front of you, mise-en-scène.


Some of the essentials I use are:

  • Washi tape
  • The Happy Planner sticker sets
  • Paper cutter
  • Xacto knife
  • Pens / pencils
  • Tape gun
  • Laminator
  • Paper clips
  • Pattern paper
  • Tabs
  • Ephemera

I usually get my materials from a variety of places. The Happy Planner and their matching stickers are from Michael's Craft Store. I believe Hobby Lobby and Costco also sell some of the Happy Planner products. In terms of washi tape, it's an on-going collection. Michael's, The Paper Source, The Planner Society Kits, and Etsy are where I tend to find the cutest stuff.

Okay, Let's begin!



The first thing I like to do is flip through my Happy Planner sticker packs, pick a color scheme, and get some ideas for what I want this week to look like.





Something that I do for every week that never changes, is I use the large box stickers to block in my work schedule. I use the typical philosophy that the three boxes each day relate to morning, afternoon, and evening. My schedule is always changing and this particular week I am only working three half days and two full days. I will go back and write the specific times I am working inside each box once I am finished with the whole layout.

I also added two stripes of gold washi tape to the bottom of the page to give me a base color.


Next, I did some washi layering on the bottom of the page. I like to play with the thickness of the tape, so I use my paper cutter to get an even cut. I simply lay a piece down the center and cut!


I roughly line up the tape with some overlap and then trim it down exactly with an x-acto knife.


I added a cute stripe of black and white polka dot tape for my weekdays across the top of the evening boxes.


Finally, I get to do the best part... stickers!!! Honestly, don't stress about it being perfect. Just add what you think looks great. By using the Happy Planner sticker packs, its super easy for anyone to create a beautiful planner that is dedicated to your needs.


This was just one example out of an infinite number of combinations. I hope you enjoyed taking another glimpse into my planner world. Happy planning!