Beauty Obessions


I'm super excited to share with you my current beauty obsessions! Most of these products I love so much, I have minis' in my purse that never leave my side. I have found these through a lot of trial and error of crappy drugstore knock-offs or over marketed Sephora 'must haves'. So you can rest assured knowing these products I've listed for you are tried, true, and quality.   


1. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

To be clear this list is not in order from best to worst, but if I did have to rank everything on this list, the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray would be no. 1. Although this miracle-in-a-bottle is rather pricey, it's worth every damn cent. I use this spray everyday because it's super versatile. I try to wash my hair every other day and so on non-wash days, I use it as a dry shampoo. It wakes up my hair and grips it for a messy bun or loose and playful curls. On days I wash and blowdry, it's perfect to give me a little grit, texture, and volume. You can't go wrong with this. Seriously, its's the BEST!



2. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum

I semi-recently found this over christmas. Sephora had this tiny bottle in a two-pack with a booster. After using both products for a while, this ended up being my favorite. I use this right after I shower or wash my face in the morning, even before my moisturizer. I begin to notice my skin was glowing after the first use. I especially love to use this on my skin if I am having a clear skin day instead of foundation. It makes my skin look even toned and healthy, as a result, I can go make-up free! It's really nice to give my skin a break once in a while and just let it breathe. If you're looking for something to add to your skincare routine, this is my recommendation!



3. Clinque Moisture Surge

During the winter months my skin goes crazy. Living in the north I've had to totally overhaul my skin routine. My face tends to dry out so badly that it begins to over produce oil and then I break out. Using a moisturizer in the morning helps balance my skin and keeps it feeling soft and fresh. My favorite part about this is that it doesn't feel gross and sticky when you put it on. It soaks right into your skin with no residue left behind. One jar of this usually lasts me from fall through the end of winter. A great value in my opinion!



4. R+Co One Prep Spray

I started using this on the recommendation of my fabulous hair stylist. I know, they always try to push product on you, but this is different. My hair is thin and so anything I add always weighs it down significantly and I look like a wet dog. Luckily, this doesn't do that! I use a couple mists of this on my damp hair after I shower and move it around with my fingers. It smells amazing, so in turn, it also makes my hair smell amazing! Plus the best part is it protects my hair from heat damage. All those straighteners and blowdryers really do a number on my hair. I've had this bottle for over a year and it's only half way gone! You cannot go wrong with this stuff.



5. Zoella Blissful Mistful Sold Fragrance

I have a total girl crush on Zoella. If you don't know who I'm talking about, you are missing out! Check her out here. Well, a year or two ago, she came out with her own beauty line and it's awesome. I had never bought anything from her line though because she is a UK Youtube blogger and I had never seen her products in any US stores. That is until a few weeks ago when I was browsing the beauty aisles at Target. As soon as I saw it, I snatched up like a TV hunter on Black Friday. OMG this stuff is amazing. The smell is intoxicating. It is super light and floral. My favorite part is that I can throw it in my purse with no anxiety about a liquid spill.


I hope you enjoyed seeing my beauty obsessions. I am really passionate about the products that I use and I love sharing them with everyone so they can have great quality stuff too!




***(It is important to note that these are the full opinions of the Coffee + Charcoal writers. We are not being paid to write this. Seriously. These are our fully honest opinions and we love to share and promote the products that we love. We hope you love them too)***