Vermont Snowcation


This past weekend myself and five friends drove up to Ludlow, Vermont and went skiing and snowboarding at Okemo Mountain. As I am typing this post, I am GLOWING from the inside-out with happiness. This was one of the best trips I've ever been on. 

Our trip began on Friday, we drove up from New Jersey. We had our puppy Charlotte and our friend Sean who carpooled with us. All of our other friends drove in a separate car. We left New Jersey around 10 am and we were doing really great... until we were about 30 minutes from Ludlow. The other car that had everyone else in it, broke down.


Our only goal for Friday was to drive to Vermont and to get our ski/snowboard rental equipment. So after a lot of planning, we ended up squeezing 4 of us, plus the dog into my car and we drove to get our equipment rentals. We left the other car with our friend, Eric, who was going to go pick-up a rental car. In the end, everything worked out and Eric even got to rent a super nice Audi. He was very excited about that.

Friday evening we arrived at our Airbnb around 6 pm. Andrew booked us this incredible house just outside of Ludlow. It was the cutest cabin in the woods. Vermont had just received several feet of snow the week leading up to our arrival, so it was a true winter wonderland. As a group, we had decided to each pick a night and cook dinner. Dylan and I made dinner soon after we got to the cabin on Friday. We made one of my favorite recipes, Chicken Khao Soi.


We drove over to the mountain the next morning. We could not have planned a more perfect week given the recent snowfall. The snow was super soft and fresh, plus the weather was beautiful... sunny, clear skies with the temperatures in the mid 40's. I wasn't prepared for how warm it was actually going to be. We started shedding layers 15 minutes after we got to the mountain. At one point Eric even took of his shirt and jacket and was laying in the snow.

Saturday was the first time I had ever tried to snowboard. It was such an amazing experience. Growing up in Florida didn't allow a lot of opportunities for me to try winter sports. But I did skateboard for a while when I was younger and so I figured I could probably pick-up snowboarding decently quick. After less than 10 attempts on a bunny hills.... my friends took me straight to the peek of the mountain to try a green. Let's just say I wasn't realllyyyyyyyy ready for this. I fell/slid down the first half of the trail and then proceeded to hitch a ride with ski patrol the rest of the way down. I was so exhausted from wiping out that once we got to the bottom of the mountain I was pretty done for the day. I ate some lunch and then waited around for everyone else to finish.

That night Eric made fajitas and we watched movies. It was a super chill night and I was so wiped out from falling all day that I bailed out early and went to bed at nine to rest up for the next day.

Sunday was a new day! I woke up sore, but I was super excited. We got to the mountain around 9 am and I did one bunny hill. Then I went half-way up the mountain and did two green trails that were much shorter. I still wiped out a few times but I was able to get some distance and practice my turns. At one point I was so on a roll that I turned into a huge hill that led into the trick park. Whoops. I quickly scooted back to the normal trail and finished the run. After those runs, Dylan and Sean ditched me to go play on green and blue trails. I did 50 more bunny hill runs to really get my turns down and then finished with a final short green trail. We ended up leaving around 3:30 pm.

Monday morning brought leisurely packing and a lunch trip to the Long Trails Brewery. It was a perfect way to finish our trip. We celebrated our weekend with some beers and excellent food. Long Trails brews and bottles all of their product on the ground so we went up to the observation deck and watched the assembly line. It was really awesome to watch.



Overall, I am so proud of myself for trying/learning a new thing. Snowboarding was incredible. I am already planning a trip to head back up to practice before the season is over. A super special shout out to Sean for teaching me and being super patience while I fell over and over and over and over again. Anyone looking for a weekend trip, I highly recommend Okemo. It was a blast and I wish we could have stayed longer.