Current Favorite Apps

I'm on my phone a lot less than most people, but by no means does that negate the fact that I spend a LOT of time on my phone. These days almost anything can be done on an iPhone, so when I'm not around my Macbook, I can still be productive or entertained. My computer is getting quite old so it doesn't like moving around too much. This means that when I'm working from home on my desk and suddenly I get hungry, I can take work with me via my iPhone. I wanted to share my current favorite apps and hopefully you'll find something new!


I love this app because you don't even have to think about using it. Earthmiles tracks your steps throughout the day and converts them into earthmiles. You can then use your earthmiles to redeem coupons to use towards health brands (like snacks and stuff). It's a great incentive to not only walk more, but also purchase healthy snacks at a discounted price instead of unhealthy snacks at full price! Use my referral code if you want extra points: MARDJMEO


If you're a freelancer, expensify is a great way to track and store receipts. Receipts are the worst, and when tax season comes around I hate sorting through a year's worth of faded and folded receipts. With expensify you just take a picture and it stores it for you. You can access your account on your computer as well, and it has really handy reporting tools. A dream for you or your accountant!


Lisa and I can testify to how amazing Wunderlist is because it is our driving force here at coffee & charcoal! If you didn't know, Lisa and I, the co-creators of this blog, live about 500 miles away from each other. Though we try to FaceTime weekly and make sure we're both on task, sometimes it's hard to communicate EVERYTHING when our lives are so hectic. Wunderlist is great for this. We have a shared list where we add in to-do's and you can set a due date, assign tasks to certain people, and leave notes. So for example, we have a daily reminder to post on social media. If I get it done that day, I just check it off the list and then Lisa doesn't have to worry about it. I also use Wunderlist for a bunch of personal stuff. I have lists for everything, like Movies to Watch, Ongoing Shopping List, and  Blog Ideas. This app is so versatile and if you're into organization and productivity, then you'll definitely love Wunderlist.


Although this is probably my least used app of this bunch, I think it can greatly benefit social media savvy people. UNUM basically lets you plan out your Instagram feed! If you're into having your feed fit a certain theme or look, or want to have a reserve of photos to post in the future, this app is for you. It's really handy because you can see what future uploads will look like on your feed, but you can also edit and post from this app as well. There is a cool analytics aspect to it, too. It shows you how well your last 12 posts did, the best times to post, and so on. Really great app for anyone running an Instagram account for a professional business or blog!

That's all I've got for now but let me know what you thought in the comments! I love updating you guys with my current favorite apps and such and I have a few more I'd love to share. Which speaking of, do you follow us on bloglovin'? If you're not familiar, it's a place where you can add all of your favorite blogs into a feed. Makes reading blogs super easy. Into it? Follow us!