February Music Club

I've been wanting to do a music related post for ages but had no idea how to approach it. I finally figured it out, which is why you're now reading this post. Welcome to my new monthly music club,  a place where I curate a playlist based on my favorites of the previous month. Fabruary Music Club is comprised of new releases, timeless jams, and songs I've revisited throughout the course of the month. I'm going to take some time to talk about a few favorites, and lucky for you, you can listen to the whole playlist while you read this! If you feel like it, you can also follow me on Spotify and get access to the current month's playlist as I'm curating it. You can find my profile here!



Father John Misty - Ballad of the Dying Man485011b6c7964ceeae8c1ef5060b30c9-1000x1000x1

I find this song to be a great one to sing along to. It's pretty laid back, and I've been listening to it a LOT while cleaning or tidying. HOWEVER, that doesn't take away from Tillman's commentary on modern society ooOohooHoo. It talks about how obsessive we are about staying in touch and voicing our opinions, and although never flat out stated, he's obviously referring to social media. Despite this negative, somewhat sarcastic tone, the music is actually really nice and totally chilled out. Plus, we can all relate to that last verse, amirite?

Coast Modern - Comb My Hair1c778a7f4ece9a598995d74ce6d77ed7-300x300x1

OH MAN this is my favorite song to sing in the car lately. You know those warm sunny days we're starting to get, when the weather is perfect enough to roll your windows down while you drive? This is the song you want to be blasting. I just love everything they're doing with the simple lyrics and fun synths. It can be a super relaxing song, or a dancey jam. Also, shout out to the existential dread they weaved into the relaxed tones via lyrics. It's like they get me.


Run River North - Superstition3abbf5b2f0f9610523457bf0e471e455-1000x1000x1

I'm obsessed with this song. From the beats (those little drum clicky things are so delicious) to the melody, to the grungy guitars, ugh amazing. I love the build throughout the entire song and that last verse is one you can sing at the top of your lungs.




Lincoln - Banksa2138983852_10

If I would have heard this song when I was 16, it would have fit perfectly with so much of the music I was listening to back then. And that's kinda why I love it. It's sorta nostalgic in terms of the pop-punk alternative vibes reminiscent of Taking Back Sunday and Brand New.




Rusty Clanton - Revolution 136656485_350_350

Rusty Clanton's voice has this amazing rawness to it, but it's also full of sweetness, and it's hard to explain (so just listen to his stuff!). That, paired with a classic song by The Beatles has been the reason I've played this song so often in February. It's just a fun jammy one.




The Maine - Bad Behavior16195065_10155016836540798_6516539700894037566_n

Well, it's no surprise that I'm a huge fan of The Maine if you know me in real life. I could honestly write an entire blog post about them and how I grew up with their music and how they've changed with me and well.. let's not do that here. This is the first single they've released from their new album Lovely Little Lonely, and all I can say is that this song is so quintessentially them and I love that so so much. I think it's a great single that is sure to hype everyone up for the rest of the album.


The 1975 - By Your Sidethe-1975-by-your-side-1487701124

Well, what do we HAVE HERE. This is another new single, this time by The 1975. I love this band and they're always bringing out new music that makes me go "ugh. YES." This is definitely different than most of their stuff in terms of music, less four-piece rock band, more electronic chill vibes. It's also a cover of the CLASSIC song by Sade (if you were wondering why it felt so familiar). I hadn't thought about this song since the 2000's and I'm just in love with this version of it.