no rain, no flowers


wed, march 1, 7:14 pm happy march.

oh man, what a week it's been. it's hump day as I start writing this and although I feel positively about the rest of the week, I gotta say that it didn't start off too greatly. coming off that time of month, my internal sleep clock likes to amp up and i usually feel really restless and tired in the morning if i don't have about 9 hours of sleep. this is so difficult for me to deal with because i love being productive in the mornings. i'm currently running a show which means from six to ten every night, i have to be at the theatre i work at. this has also thrown me a bit. my days have just been cut short because of waking up a little later than usual and then working in the late evening.

monday i experienced a situation at work with a difficult customer. i won't go into detail, but they were obviously not very well, and i was at a loss of how to deal with the whole thing. lucky for me, my friends came to the rescue, and after a couple of drinks and some catching up at our local bar, things seemed to be okay. so thanks, nate and hannah. i super appreciated that (and needed it). when i went home i had such a hard time falling asleep, i was obviously still shaken about the whole thing.

tuesday i woke up feeling alright. evan and i sat down for 4!! hours over lunch and hashed out some plans about the big move (if you didn't know, i'll be moving out of winston-salem at some point this year). while we're still not totally sure of all the details -- pending job offers and savings and such -- we're a lot more sure of what the trajectory will look like. pretty exciting stuff. we've both gotten into the habit of switching our phones off during lunch and yesterday that decision was maybe not the best thing to do. again, won't go into detail, but as we took a little break mid-planning, i noticed a TON of missed texts and calls. some confusion had happened about a shift at work, uh-oh. it eventually got handled but not without me feeling absolutely AWFUL. i'm practicing this thing where i try to not blame myself for things outside of my control (like this situ) but i still have a loooooong way to go.

today has been pretty chill. another late-ish start to the day (thanks body) but i was able to tick things off my to-do list pretty nicely. had a pubsub for lunch which is probably my favorite thing about today. now i'm at the theatre once more, sitting in the booth waiting for the show to start. oh, and the five minute call has been sent out, catch you later in the week.

mon, march 6, 7:50 pm

hey gang. so the rest of the week turned out to be really hectic. i wanted to get this out by sunday, but i was prioritizing other things throughout the end of the week. here's how it kinda all went down.

so thursday was a really early start. i was really excited because the owner of the shop i work at wanted to meet up over breakfast after i had asked about the company's social media and if i could somehow help out. I was excited because 1) an early start to the day might hopefully fix my weird sleep schedule and 2) HELLLOOOOOO amazing opportunity possibly waiting for me. after the best latte i've had all year, and a great conversation, i was given the responsibility to manage and edit the company's social media. i'm so beyond thrilled to start changing my career towards pr and marketing and this is a fantastic first step. the rest of the day was spent filled to the brim with happiness. it was such a beautiful warm day that i even went downtown and took a bunch of photos.

friday was another great day. it's so funny how earlier in the week when i wrote the first half of this post i was sure that the rest of this week would be fine, and i was right! it was a day full of activity, meetings and meet ups. one of my friends came by and shopped my closet. i had finally cleaned a ton of old clothes out, and before donating them i always like to see if any of my friends have a home for them. hanging out with her turned into an amazing therapy session. we talked about our problems, vented about life, and there was a lovely moment of affirmations where we essentially told each other that we were strong ladies capable of anything! honestly, empowering women is one of my favorite things and i was so glad to have shared this special moment with her. so shout out to you taylor, and let's keep kicking ass. OH AND we sat down and ate half a pint of smores halo top. my life has changed FOREVER.

saturday turned out to be one of those really bittersweet days. to start off i pretty much worked all day. bittersweet because i love my workplace and hanging out with my coworkers is always great... but also i was working all day. halfway through my shift i got a horrible migraine that didn't go away despite food and caffeine entering my system. that definitely sucked. however, as soon as i got home, advil worked its magic. i had a short break for dinner and then it was back to the theatre to work a show. i got home absolutely exhausted.

sunday was amazing. it started by cooking up an AMAZING BRUNCH with evan. i'm talking breakfast hash--full of buttery fried potatoes, peppers, onions and mushrooms, poached eggs, and buttery toast. mmmm. i usually use coconut oil as a substitute for butter when cooking, but sunday is my day to go all in. after brunch i headed straight for the theatre, ran our closing show, and then loaded out all the sound equipment. i got home around 6, jumped in the shower and got straight into my pj's. evan and i ordered domino's and we munched on pizza whilst watching it's always sunny. the evening ended with me wrapped up in blankets getting through my endless watch later playlist, and evan packing for a flight out to st. louis. i allowed my room to be messy and allowed myself to chill out and not worry about "being productive" which is something i'm also working on. so yeah, that was my week.

i loved documenting the last seven days in this manner, i might get up to doing more of this. it's kinda therapeutic to lay it all out and see everything that got accomplished. it's so easy to let the days rush by and feel like you haven't really done anything. when i get into a routine, it sometimes feels like i'm stuck on the treadmill, but reflecting on my days makes me realize all the things i get up to and how much i take for granted. so this week i'm thankful for friends, talks, opportunities, this town, and good food. i almost wrote butter there, but thought, hmmm better not.