May Music Club

i'll skip the formalities and just say that i'm real pumped about may music club. it was a good month for music, for me at least. here's my lil playlist and a few words on a few songs.

HAIM - Want You Back


um three kickass women singing about their feelings? sign me the fuck up. i've always loved HAIM and hearing this new, paced sound has been really refreshing. i'm a big fan of the lead up to the chorus and then going nuts with a fuller & bigger sound, and this song definitely accomplishes that even through its subdued nature.

Grizzly Bear - Three Rings


i honestly didn't think i'd have a grizzly bear song on a music club post but man is this one juicy. there's a LOT going on in this song, which is to be expected. the vocals are haunting, the music complicated, and it comes together as this beautiful, moody thing. call it a comeback or don't, this was a perfect track to return with.

Kidsmoke - And Mine Alone


i love this lil indie pop band! something about their casual sound and the soft music and sophie's vocals interlaced within... just... ugh yes. the lyrics are actually really nice and makes me feel things. great review maria. this is just a good song and a great band so look them up!

Faye Webster - Is It Too Much To Ask


if you listen to this playlist the whole way through, you'll notice there's a recurring theme of women singing soft words, meaningful words, etc. i didn't do this on purpose, but when i went to edit down the playlist (because a lot of the time i'll start out with a longer list) i realized that it was filled with amazing women singer-songwriters, or bands led by women. i freaking love this and it really speaks to my past month. lots of feelings, lots of words to be said. this song is just real easy going, some might call it a bit repetitive, but i love hearing her vocals repeating softly to me.

Bleachers - Everybody Lost Somebody


i'm such a huge fan of jack antonoff, and if you've been following these monthly music clubs, you'll know i had a bleachers single in either may or april. anyway, i just love the simplicity of the structure, the happy synthy sounds, and the kinda happy-sad lyrics he does so well. it's just a comforting song because he's not doing anything too crazy but it's still real refreshing and new sounding and familiar all at once.