a sappy post from a happy sap

i've been lucky enough to get to know some really cool people in the last two years. it's nice to feel included and loved and comfortable around people who are like-minded, goofy, and organically fun to be around. i don't have to try, i don't have to censor myself, i'm just me and they're just them and oddly enough it's refreshing.  making friends has always been difficult for me. i am really bad at maintaining friendships and it's really easy for me to drop people. in actuality, i don't need friends to survive. that's just who i am, perfectly fine and functional on my own. but dang, is it nice to have people to talk to, share ideas with, and just be nerdy and weird with. 

there's no point to this post, except that life is unexpected and weird and shitty, but brilliant people can shine like scattered little diamonds in your personal abyss, and sometimes those glittering bits are what make it worthwhile.