Radio Camp Instructor at 88.5 WFDD

88.5 WFDD, Public Radio for the Piedmont, is the local public radio station where I live and North Carolina's charter NPR® member. Over the summers, WFDD have three week-long summer camps called, you guessed it, Radio Camp.

I was hired as one of two radio camp instructors. My co-worker, Adam, and I taught 11-14 year olds the basics of audio recording in the studio and in the field; how to conduct an interview; how to edit sound on computers into a news story; and the other skills needed to write, record, edit, and create stories for radio broadcast.

Because of the fast-paced nature of the camp, the classes functioned like a newsroom, working with tough deadlines, unexpected issues, and really just needing to have a story done in four days as the kids are literally learning about radio, most for the first time. A lot of the behind-the-scenes work once the campers went home, or there week was over was left to Adam and I. These stories actually aired on WFDD and we had to make sure they were all appropriately radio-ready. We recorded our own ledes and outros, edited music into the kids' stories, and fixed some of the choppy editing.

You can learn more about 88.5 WFDD's Radio Camp by visiting their website here