Co-Producer/Editor at Who Knows?

Who Knows? was conceived by Taylor Dankovich, a friend I met a little over two years ago who has become one of my closest friends and partner in crime (we're not really criminals as much as we are each other's therapists/feminist inspirations/badass mid-twenties mischief-makers). Taylor has been with me through my journey of breaking away from theater and gaining an interest in non-traditional media and journalism. When she pitched Who Knows? to me I immediately wanted to be a part of it and we've been a pretty unstoppable team so far. Though we were novices at podcasting when Who Knows? first started, our production and storytelling skills from theater (we met working sound at a regional theater) have been extremely useful in diving deep into producing a podcast.

Who Knows? is a show about the questions, fears and uncertainties we all have but all too often don't talk about. We bring on guests with different perspectives on the episode's topic and along the way we find the commonalities and differences that allow us to understand that not everyone has it all figured out. 

My duties on Who Knows? include editing, mixing, and mastering all episodes. I also get to flex my production muscles by running our calendar with deadlines and schedules. I also had a few consulting sessions with Taylor when the project first began. I gave her advice on writing for radio and podcast production. Although in its early days, I'm extremely excited to see where Who Knows? is going, as it's already grown so much and we've still got so much planned for the future.

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