Hi! I'm Maria Württele. No, I don't really know how to pronounce my last name.

I'm 26-year old virgo, INFJ, Ravenclaw, Type 5w4. That should tell you all you need about me. BUT, in case you still don't know, I'm you average internet-age creative person, I'm a liberal democrat, latinx immigrant, and I love working in audio. My home base is currently a small, artsy, liberal city in the south (I love you, Winston-Salem, NC) but I work remotely with companies based in LA & NYC, and am always willing to travel!

I have a fancy piece of paper that says I graduated from UNC School of the Arts with a BFA in Sound Design & Engineering in 2015. This pretty much puts a guarantee on all my work that says I fundamentally understand audio signal flow, am technically inclined, have Golden Ears™, and an understanding of storytelling & narrative structures. My own personal guarantee is that I have amazing time management skills, I'm extremely organized, and am always ready to take on a new challenge (because I love learning and aqcuiring new skills)!

I've worked across several communications & arts fields including (but not limited to) podcasting, radio, indie magazines, art galleries, social media marketing, and theatre.


Current Work:
Producer at She's All Fat Podcast
Co-Producer/Editor at Who Knows? Podcast
Sound Supervisor at Triad Stage