Upcoming: Favorite Films of 2017

Happy 2018!

As the new year begins, many of us have looked at the year we've just left behind. We've remembered the good, the bad, the weird, frustrating, happy, sad... In this nostalgia, I've also thought about all the movies I've watched in 2017. This was kind of prompted by one of my close friends, who about a week ago, asked what I thought the best movies of the year was. Sometime at the end of January, I want to make either a top ten or fifteen or twenty movies of 2017. I have to play catch up and watch a handful of 2017 releases that I haven't had the chance to yet (Call Me by Your Name, Phantom Thread, I, Tonya, BPM, and Darkest Hour). I have a feeling at least one of those will end up making the final list. We've got some real strong contenders this year, and the list is already proving difficult to form even with a few films still left to watch! I think I pretty much have the top 5 decided... possibly. 

Anyway. look out for that at the end of this month. And follow me on letterboxd if you want to keep up with my film-watching habits.


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