at Peppercorn Theatre

Sound Design Concept

There was a live string trio supplementing all the music, so the sound design really came down to providing textures and setting. It was highly collaborative with projections, which gave life to characters such as “The Screen”. There was a big storm motif that represented “The Screen: - so we bent reality by making glitchy storm sounds.

After young Cadence moves from her home on the East Side of Winston-Salem, she finds herself in a new school with very different rules and very different classmates than she’s used to. Feeling totally isolated, Cadence learns that the only person who can help her is a famous local poet in a magical tea room filled with talking dolls.

Directed by Nathan Ross Freeman
Sound Design by Maria Wurttele
Projection Design by Lisa Renkel
Lighting Design by Kim Smith
Scenic Design by Jessica Cancino
Costume Design by Ketti Shum