Sound Design Concept

Composed a lot of textures and underscoring for magical poetry. Cello and Glock.

Katharine Reynolds is preparing her home for an extravagant production. Lights have been hung from the house and Shakespeare’s flowers have been planted in rows leading to a now enchanted forest. Everyone is involved to put on A Midsummer Night’s Dream, except young Rosalie. Rosalie who could play the lion and the fair maiden, or both even, if asked to, has found herself dreaming on her own. But when something goes missing within the play, Rosalie’s vision is awakened. See how magic is made on the estate, and how one small voice can make the moon over an enormous home shine brighter.

Book by Harry Poster
Directed by Thomas Rowell
Sound Design by Maria Wurttele
Lighting Design by Adam Taylor
Scenic Design by John Bowhers
Costume Design by Ketti Shum