Sound Design Concept

Puppets singing and playing instruments. This show was the equivalent of cartoons in real life. We took a fun, fast-paced, whimsical approach.

The Tourist Trap explores how the power of family can overcome many obstacles: When Rose and Eugene Wayward find themselves stranded with a broken-down car on the way to their daughter’s wedding, they discover an unbelievable adventure lying just around the bend. The Steppup Family, a band of bluegrass-playing puppets, welcome the travelers to their struggling roadside attraction where, through story and song, the Waywards discover the incredible potential of family, no matter what size, shape, or color it may come in.

Book and Lyrics by John Bowhers
Music by The Blue Eyed Bettys
Directed by Harry Poster
Sound Design by Maria Wurttele
Lighting Design by Aaron Porter
Scenic Design by John Bowhers
Costume Design by Grace Schmitz